New agent does not register with scalability server


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Agents won't register on a scalability server. We have tried rebooting the SS and the agent.
CAF PING and CAMPING from the agent to the SS and from the SS to the agent all go through. 

Some of the errors reported in TRC_AMAGENT.log.
00|NOTIFY | SMEVENT : New Session. Target = (scorpowpdsm12)\U-SECTOR_SRV. LID = 06440001. SH = 008ed0d8
040718-13:26:10.5256731L|001604|00001504|amagent   |unitconfig.cpp  |unitconfig.cpp      |000304|ERROR  | read_unit error:
1444919576, F6AE7A31-2FD6-41E7-9E5B-20498DBD19C
040718-13:26:10.5736963L|001604|00001504|amagent   |amagent         |SVCSPECS.CPP        |000562|ERROR  | ...error reading
configuration. Exiting.


In most cases, the agent won't register if the 'agent registration" option is disabled under the collect engine properties.


Client Automation - All versions


Make sure that the "agent registration" option is listed under "Selected Tasks" .


To check this go to Control Panel --> Engines --> All Engines --> Click on the collect engine and then on the right-hand

pane click on the engine under Task List --> click on the collect tab. 

Refer to the screenshot :

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