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After applying CA PAM "FilesystemCheckUpdate" patch the drive size did not change


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


After version 3.x, CA PAM is supposed to automatically resize the disk on boot when changes are made to the VM Disk. If this fails the "FilesystemCheckUpdate" patch should be applied to fix the problem. In case this patch fails there is a workaround possible for VMWare deployments.

Note: AWS deployments cannot use this workaround.


CA PAM 3.0.X - 3.1.X


Before doing the manual steps below, ensure that you have already tried rebooting PAM. The "FilesystemCheckUpdate" patch requires a reboot after applying it, but does not prompt for an automatic reboot when applied.

For VMWare, this can be resolved manually by accessing the VM using the VMWare Console.

Steps to resolve:
  1. Open the Console for the VM (usually by right-clicking the VM and clicking 'Open Console')
  2. ​Reboot the system from Config > Power in the GUI or the reboot option in the VM Console. If your appliance is in an active cluster, you should always turn off clustering before powering off the system.
  3. When the system is booting, the console will have the following messages for the first 5 seconds, Press `ESC' to enter the GRUB menu:

  4. You will be given a choice of configurations to boot from including the following (your version number may be different):

  5. Use the cursor down button to select "CA PAM 3.x with". Press enter to boot with this option and the filesystem should be re-sized properly.

Additional Information

This issue often causes errors when trying to upgrade with errors stating that there is not enough disk space to continue.


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