Recycle CICS to implement a VLS file
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Recycle CICS to implement a VLS file


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I am allocating a new CA IPC VLS data set for CA Ideal use. As part of the move to a different device, the number of blocks will also be increased from 40000 to 60000.


When reallocating a new VLS data set used by CA Ideal is a recycle of CICS still required? 


Component: IDEAL


It is recommended CICS recycle when changing a VLS data set.

Additional Information

From CA Datacom Tools - 15.0 section "Preparing and Maintaining VLS Libraries in CA Ideal for CA Datacom" 

Adding a VLS Library to the CICS FCT 

The VLS file name used in the CICS FCT (File Control Table) entry must be the same as the name in the DD or DLBL statement and the same as the name entered in the system definition fill-in panel. The block size and access method parameters in the FCT must match the block size and access method used when the file was initialized. The block size and record length parameters must be equal, since the record format is F (fixed). 

For sample FCT entries, check the entries created during the CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom® installation for the default VLS libraries. 

Note: You must recycle CICS before you can access a new VLS library online.