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CA UIM - CA UIM integration with CA APM - caapm / apmgtw


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are trying to integrate CA APM with CA UIM using the caapm probe however, its not working as expected. 


- UIM 8.51
- APM 10.5


The caapm probe is not supported, this was a beta probe created in 2016 which never went GA. I understand you currently have UIM 8.51 and APM 10.5, the caapm probe only supported up to: CA APM 10.2 and CA UIM 8.4, for more details see the following links: 

caapm v1.01 BETA: 

caapm AC Configuration - Pre-release (Last update June 9, 2016): 

For UIM -> APM integration please use the apmgtw probe, more details below: 

apmgtw (CA APM Gateway) Release Notes v3.2: 

apmgtw AC Configuration: 

For APM -> UIM integration: 

Define the CA UIM alert action to set up native UIM alerting. The UIM alert action sends alert information to a RESTful UIM endpoint. A CA APM alert can indicate a broken SLA, impacted customer latency, or other high value information that UIM cannot access. For more information, please see the below document: 

Define CA UIM Alert Action: