Groups Tab Not Visible in Create/Modify Group Task
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Groups Tab Not Visible in Create/Modify Group Task


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When we Create or Modify Group Task the Groups Tab is not appearing. which is needed when using Nested Groups

The Groups tab is visible in 12.6.4 environment.

When you go to Identity Manager >Task>Group> Create Group. In previous version customer saw 4 tabs 
Profile, Membership, Administrators and Groups. 



Identity Manager 14.x
Identity Suite 14.x


The Groups Tab is not present when Modify Group Type is set to Dynamic
You need to make changes in the UserStore.xml file 

1. Export UserStore directory xml from management console 
2. Ensure the following are both set to ALL
<GroupTypes type="ALL"/> 
<AdminGroupTypes type="ALL"/>
3. Re-import xml 
4. Restart IME


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