How can I check robot availability and display that status on a Dashboard


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


By default out of the box UIM as of 9.0 does not have an automatic health check for robots that shows up on a dashboard. Below is one method that might be used to accomplish this to check that a robot is functioning and display this on a dashboard as green for working and red for not working. 


  • UMP 9.0 and earlier
  • net_connect 3.33 and earlier
  • robot 7.93 and earlier


One of the best ways to check the health of the robots in the environment is to check if the spooler probe is up and running. By default this is going to always be on port 48001.
In rare cases the robot controller will be up but no other probes will be. This is why it is suggested not to use port 48000 for monitoring but use the spooler port 48001

The monitoring will need to be done with the net_connect probe.

Setup of the hub and monitoring:
1) deploy the net_connect probe to the local hub for the robot.
2) set up a custom port check for port 48001
3) setup a profile for each robot to check port 48001. This will send an alarm when the port can not be reached.
4) make sure a discovery_agent is deployed to the hub.
5) in USM setup a discovery scope(S) to find each robot on the hub by the discovery_agent
( this will help insure proper correlation between any local probes on the robots and the net_connect on the hub)
6) Create a gruup or groups in USM for the net_connect machines
7) in a dashboard create a list for the above group(S) and then set an alarm filter for the net_Connect probe and if the message contains something like the default NimBUS_Spooler.

This will provide you with an at a glance screen for your robots and their health.