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How to limit the size of a string field in a notification template


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I want to control the size of the fields included in a notification message so the notification or email message has a controlled format.

How to limit the size of a string field in a notification template in order to avoid to include a too long field sent in a email notification message.
By example I would like to create a notification template with the Incident Description field in a cell but limiting the size displayed.
If we look into the Initial notification template out of the box, the Incident Description is displayed but if an Incident have a very long description (at database level is string 4000),  it is included (entire)  in the notification message sent  (notification message or email notification message).



ServiceDesk Manager 14.1
ServiceDesk Manager 17


In the notification template instead of reference the description as out of the box:
@{esc_style=html keeplinks=yes justify=line:call_req_id.description}

use following sintax where 30 is the size you want to display:
@{esc_style=html keeplinks=yes justify=truncate width=30:call_req_id.des cription}