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CA Digital Operational Intelligence


Seeing this during DOI install

Run 'oc status' to view your app.
Deploying template ca-digital-oi-pvc-template.yaml successfull

oc creating new app components using ca-digital-oi-is-template.yaml
error: unable to load template file "docs/ca-digital-oi-is-template.yaml": error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 23: did not find
expected key
error: no match for "docs/ca-digital-oi-is-template.yaml"



Release: CADOIT99000-1.2.2-DX Operational Intelligence-Intelligence


Did not use Docker registry, downloaded everything to /opt/tmp Postgres did not deploy - error while starting deployment, cannot trigger doi-postgres because it contains unresolved images Found in the documentation that if you download the entire DOI, you have to create a local registry. However that note is not in the beginning of the section nor does it explicitly state that you NEED a local registry.

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Use a Private Docker Registry for Product Images