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SYSAGT: Is there a way to ensure the FTP plugin did not transfer the file twice


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In order to prevent duplicate transfers, Is it possible to do file duplication check as part of FTP job?


Autosys 11.3.6 on Unix with System Agent 11.3 running FTP jobs with the FTP Plugin


There is not such a feature in the FTP job but to avoid duplicate file transfer you might have to change the scenario not to trigger the FTP job twice for the same file.

Things to consider in Autosys Job definitions

      -  Set a run window in the FTP job to trigger the job during a specific time frame. 
      -  Or Define a global variable in the starting conditions of this job which can be used to trigger the job.
                        For example ftp_job with starting condition based on a global variable ( in addition to any other starting condition)
                        When the file transfer is done, the FTP job is SUCCESS and use this SUCCESS condition to trigger another job on the scheduler to execute a sendevent command to turn OFF the global                                 variable.
                        The next day, run a job at midnight or any other time to reset the global variable to let the FTP job run again when the file arrive
       - Above scenario can only work if this FTP job is only used to transfer a very critical file