Sysload: How to monitor an Application with an Entity


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CA Automic Sysload


It is possible to measure the processes of an application by defining a new entity.

There are five types of entities:

  • Application
  • User
  • Shared folder
  • Service
  • Storage Space


Component: Sysload

Release: 5.x and 6.x


In this example, we will set up an application type entity for Oracle.
As you can see in the procedure below, creating an Entity is quick and easy to configure.

Creating an Entity:


  • Connect on the console, in the Management Server administration window, click on the Enterprise Models. 
  • Select 'Entities', right-click in the center and select 'New':



  • Create a "New Enterprise Model" and a new entity in that model:


  •  Right-click and select "Add ...":


  • Monitored Objects tab

The first tab allows you to choose which Monitored Object(s) you want to attach the entity:

Choose the OM (s) in the Central List and click on the "Definition" tab to set the entity.

  • Definition tab

NB: You can test the validity of the regular expressions by clicking on "..."

The test button allows you to verify that regular expressions work correctly


• Once the entity is created, you must deploy it: Right-click and choose 'Deploy Selected Entities...' to deploy the entity to the agents.