Reporter: Dollar Universe Reports are empty
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Reporter: Dollar Universe Reports are empty


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Reporter suddenly generates reports with no data on them.
 After investigation, it was discovered that Reporter extraction node had its license expired for a while.  


Reporter all versions


The reason for the Reports to be empty is usually that Reporter Database does not contain the data from the Dollar Universe / Unijob Executions for the desired period of time.
This information is extracted from the table UNI_EVT_RELAUNCHES.

Possible causes for this issue are:
1. Reporter Extractions have stopped being launched: issue can be due to Reporter ( Continuous Extractions) / Internal Scheduler node ( Scheduled Extractions) 
2. The Dollar Universe 6 / Unijob node where the Reporter Client has been installed stopped launching the Extraction Uproc ( which launches unirepadd), for example because its license has expired / launcher or node has been stopped...
3. Dollar Universe Execution nodes are not reachable from Reporter
4. Database issue ( filesystem full / tablespace...)
5. Report Generation is scheduled BEFORE the Extraction of the nodes is performed, make sure that generations are ALWAYS scheduled with enough time so that all Nodes Extractions have finished


After having found what of the possible Causes have provoked the issue and fix the Root Cause, please relaunch the Reporter Extractions
a) If the Execution Statistics have not been purged on the DUAS node ( u_fmhr60 data file), then Reporter will be able to extract those data. 
b) Else, Reporter will not be able to extract information no longer available in the Execution nodes for the Period of time that was purged from the data files.
c) New Reports will contain accurate data provided that the information is available in the Reporter Database.