DTSCLI transfer fails with error <403> failure message =<Connection to <machine> failed>


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DTS File transfer between DTS Agents fails with the following error: 
(911) Transfer failed, Object id = <1> DTA id = <I3rgqr2v> failure code = <403> failure message =<Connection to abc1234.test.com failed> 

Command being used for the transfer:
dtscli -a "ipath=localhost::%ATML_DIR%" "rpath=abc1234.test.com ::%ATM_LOG_DIR%" "f_filters=DIR" "p_filters=BINARY_READ:BINARY_WRITE AES256_ENCRYPT:AES256_DECRYPT"


All versions of CA Client Automation


1. Check if DTSPING works between the initiator and the responder in both directions.
Syntax: dtsping <Hostname or IP Address>

2. Change the DTSCLI command to use the correct IP address/hostname which as per dtsping test.
dtscli -a "ipath=localhost::%ATML_DIR%" "rpath=<Hostname or IP address which works with dtsping>::%ATM_LOG_DIR%" "f_filters=DIR" "p_filters=BINARY_READ:BINARY_WRITE AES256_ENCRYPT:AES256_DECRYPT"

3. For the DTSCLI command to read files from the source, the 'iuser' account on the source needs read permissions.
    Similarly, to write on the target, the 'ruser' account needs write permissions.

For more information on the DTSCLI parameters please refer the following link:

Additional Information

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