Not able to login to Automic Web interface with LDAP user account
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Not able to login to Automic Web interface with LDAP user account


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


When attempting to log into the target system, the following error is experienced:

U04006523 Could not establish a connection to AE system '%' (IP address: '%', Port '%') in a timely fashion. Please check if CP/WP-servers are running, the connection data in uc4config.xml are set correctly and the database service is available. 
It's also possible to see:

Received error: Logon error: Access Denied

The PWP log or JWP log (depending on VERSION used in UC_LDAP_* varaible) shows the following:

U00051000 Error in function 'connect(':'Time out' (error code: '110')
U00003234 Logon error: Access denied.  (connection='*CP001#00000021', host = '')
U00003434 Server routine 'UCUSER_R/ANMELD2' required '2' minutes and '7,234' seconds for processing.
U00011800 Disconnect User: Cannot find user '*CP001#00000021' in the table AKT-USER.

The CP log at the same time shows:

U00003406 Client connection '21(12)' from 'IP_OR_DNS:37968' has logged on to the Server.
U00003459 Dialog '100,USERNAME,LDAP_DEPT' logged on (Client connection='21').
U00003407 Client connection '21(12)' from 'IP_OR_DNS:37968' has logged off from the server.

Where the is the address of LDAP server.

The UC/UC user, who is local to Automic, is able to login to client 0 and other non-LDAP users are able to login to regular clients


Component: AAUTEN



The error message indicates a connection issue with LDAP server, please check:

  • Ping the LDAP server
  • Check the LDAP server (in some cases, it's POWER OFF)
  • Involve LDAP and network admins to investigate why the LDAP server is unreachable


Possible Workarounds:

  • Create and use non-LDAP users until the LDAP server can be reached
  • Disable LDAP as a temporary workaround.
    • change the value of LDAP in  UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS to N, then try login.

Solution: Turn on LDAP server or make sure connection from AE to LDAP server works.