When to Delete the lisatmp_x.x.x Folder in DEVTEST
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When to Delete the lisatmp_x.x.x Folder in DEVTEST


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When to delete lisatmp_x.x.x folder

Reason 1 : When the log files are too large.

Reason 2: To collect clean logs.  

Reason 3: If there are changes in your DB configurations.  Here is an example of a  customer scenario:  The external DB password expired for both EnterpriseDashboard (ED) and Registry. All the DEVTEST components went down. Customer extended the password and restarted the Services.  ED came up fine but they were unable to bring up the Registry Service. The logs files -lisatmp_x.x,x was not deleted after the change.  So the old DB connection details were cached in lisaprefs file which is under lisatmp_x.x.x . As a result Registry was still trying to login with the old information.  



All supported DevTest releases and platforms.




Delete the entire  lisatmp_x.x.x  folder. Upon restart of the DEVTEST components we will recreate the entire folder.  

Additional Information

lisatmp_x.x.x is located  in your  DEVTEST_HOME/tmp folder or under  /Users folder, depends on  if you have the component started  as a SERVICE or  an .executable.  

You may also have the log files configured  to a location outside DEVTEST_HOME,  as specified in  .vmoptions file