DUAS 6:.sh_history filled when unienv.ksh is used


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Since upgrade from v5 to v6, the .sh_history of the system users with shell /sbin/sh keeps on being filled after sourcing the duas v6 environment, which may cause a file-system full and an impact in production. 


1. In order to reproduce, use an HP-UX Itanium server where you have a DUAS v6 installed.
2. Create a system user or use an existing one that has as shell /sbin/sh ( on my end it is festopa).
3. Empty / delete the .sh_history file which is found on the user's HOME ( on my end it is on /home/festopa )
4. Load the Dollar Universe v6 environment ( either unienv.ksh or $UXMGR/uxsetenv)
5. You will see that the file $HOME/.sh_history will contain 3104 lines every time the environment is loaded, caused by script unigeneric that is called within the unienv.ksh 


On Unix with sh shell only functions are logged in history file. Due to a lot of functions in unigeneric, the history file grows 10 kB for each call of unienv.ksh


Issue reproduced on HP-UX but could be present on other Unix Systems


Immediate workaround: purge regularly the $HOME/.sh_history file
Solution for existing installations: add the following in unienv.ksh 

LOCALOS=`uname -s`
if [ "${LOCALOS}" != "SunOS" ]; then
    set -o nolog

Solution: new installations on Dollar Universe 6.9.41 and superior will have the correction available in unienv.ksh