Gen application use of DB2 CALL ATTACH and SQLCODE=-927
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Gen application use of DB2 CALL ATTACH and SQLCODE=-927


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This article covers how Gen applications invoke DB2 using DB2 Call Attach and the cause of error code SQLCODE -927


Release : 8.5, 8.6
Component : Gen Host Encyclopedia


The error SQLCODE -927 indicates a mixture of DB2 Call Attach Modules.  These modules are owned by IBM and used in selected environments.  They cannot be mixed.  When the Gen TP Monitor is set or changed, the following DB2 Call Attach modules are linked in the Gen load module as follows:


In Gen 8.6 Complete (8.6.2) support for DB2 Universal Call Attach (DSNULI) is also available for CICS and TSO Batch (JES) applications per: Gen 8.6 GA Complete (8.6.2).
NOTE: Support for DSNULI is ignored when targeting the TSO Test Facility per: Host Encyclopedia Construction > Install in the Test Environment


A.  Most of the time the SQL Code -927 is received when a module is generated to be used in the TSO Test Facility.  Gen will link the module where the TP Monitor is IEFAE with the DB2 Call Attach as DSNALI.  If the load module is dynamic and calls another dynamic module that was installed with a different DB2 Call Attach, the error occurs.  If the load module calls an EAB which is installed outside of Gen with a different DB2 Call Attach, the error occurs.
To resolve, all modules that are called in a run-unit must be reinstalled with the TSO DB2 Call Attach module or statically linked the load module.

B.  When using dynamic RI Triggers, the TSO Test Facility will not function properly.  A SQL Code -927 will occur with applications generated for trace when a DB access is requested and the RI Triggers are installed with the target TP Monitor (IMS or CICS).  The DB2 Call Attach module is different and will cause the SQL Code -927.
To resolve, use DTF (Debug Trace Facility).

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