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Pan/SQL z/OS and z hardware compatibility


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Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


How can I find the Pan/SQL z/OS and z hardware compatibility certifications?
Is Pan/SQL the same as Easytrieve?


PANSQL release 2.4C


Pan/SQL is a product within the Easytrieve family of products. Pan/SQL is the Db2 interface and is required when using SQL statements in your Easytrieve application.
There are different versions of Pan/SQL - for Datacom/DB, IDMS, DB2 and Oracle, for example.

However, when you find Easytrieve here:
and here:
and you see "YES" in the appropriate column, Pan/SQL is certified too.
Please check the table for additional information.

Here you can see all products of the Easytrieve family and the supported releases etc.