UVMS: How to move to different Servers a Failover
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UVMS: How to move to different Servers a Failover


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We would like to move UVMS in Failover ( Master and Failover) using an External Database to new Servers.
What steps should be taken? 


UVMS in Failover with External Database


1. Install UVMS in the new Server a new Failover pointing to the same Database ( it cannot be Started at the same time)

2. Stop the Primary UVMS that you want to decommission.

3. Start UVMS in the new Server

4. From the newly installed UVMS, run standard offline commands like unilst AUDIT -from 20180601 and verify that they return correct data from the main DB. Refer unilst documentation from additional information section for more detail.
[root@hostnamedata]# /uvms_dir/app/bin/unilst AUDIT -from 20180627
uvms.domain.com   27/06/2018 05:36:44  Username      USER_AND_PASSWORD   UVC       hostname.domain.com  LOGIN   LOGIN

5. Uninstall UVMS in the old server, this should remove this UVMS coordinates from the Section Addresses of the UVMS.

6. In case the old Server is still referenced in the values.xml of the nodes:

a) In UVC, go to the list of Nodes, select the UVMS node and click on Update.
b) Then,in the section Addresses you should see the old UVMS hostname, select it and then click on the button "Remove" and Save and Close.
c) Double click on the Dollar Universe 6 Nodes and click the button Full Sync , it should now push the new list of UVMS coordinates (without the old server)the values.xml of the nodes.

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