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API microgateway resource information


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


Q1. Other than the information which can be retrieved by docker stat { Microgateway container ID},
how can you retrieve the resource information of Microgateway such as memory, threads, etc?

Q2. Is it possible to enable service metrics in embedded database mode?

Q2-A. If CA Microgateway runs in NONE-embedded database mode, Is it possible to enable service metrics?


CA API Microgateway v1.0 (Docker version)


Ans1. Memory: docker stats command output provides information about Memory usage:
Threads: Current Microgateway version does not have any out-of-the-box provision to retrieve information regarding threads.

Ans2. No, Microgateway doesn't support the metrics in embedded database mode. It is a limitation of the current version.
Off-box metrics will be supported in later version.

Ans2-A. We don't recommend to use CA Microgateway in none-embedded database mode because it will affect scalability of the solution and will significantly skew the load test results.