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Override Device Type reclassification procedure not working


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Device Type override functionality used to change the manageable devices classification, might not work as expected and not change the device type after following the instruction from CA Performance Management (CA PM) documentation:

Even after adding the new OIDs to the DeviceTypes.xml file and rerun discovery of the device, the device's type does not changed to what is expected.


CA Performance Management 3.x


This kind of problem can be caused by the presence of special characters or artifacts in the DeviceTypes.xml file, that are not validated in XML format.  Sometimes this is due to copy/paste of the relevant part in the xml file.


Check if the problem is caused by the presence of special characters or artifacts in the DeviceTypes.xml file not being validated in XML format.  
This can be verified by loading the DA_install_directory/data/custom/devictypes/DeviceTypes.xml file into any 'XML validation tool' available for free on the web.

For example, in the below sample the problem was related to unsupported double quotes in the file.  
The relevant section in the custom DeviceTypes.xml file is like this:
<Routers sysServicesOverride=”false”> 
<sysObjectID></sysObjectID> <!-- Cisco 574 --> 

Loading this custom file into an XML validation tools, we can see it is returning a format error, although in the file itself the double quotes (") on the mentioned line are there and visible: 
An error has been found! 

19:    34    Open quote is expected for attribute "sysServicesOverride" associated with an element type "Routers". 

19    <Routers sysServicesOverride= 
20    <sysObjectID></sysObjectID> <!-- Cisco 574 --> 
21    </Routers> 



This page contains the following errors: 
error on line 19 at column 34: AttValue: " or ' expected 

19 <Routers sysServicesOverride=”false”> 
20 <sysObjectID></sysObjectID> <!-- Cisco OE 574 --> 
21 </Routers> 


To resolve the problem, fix the bad characters or artifacts in the DA_install_directory/data/custom/devictypes/DeviceTypes.xml and rediscover the device as per the override device types procedure in CA PM documentation. Then verify the device is reclassified as expected.