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OWB Activity and Phase level statuses do not automatically update in Manual Calcuation


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The Activity and Phase level statuses do not automatically update in OWB (Open Workbench).  For example, when all the tasks within an activity and phase are completed within the WBS, the Activity and Phase status remain "Not Started".  

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a new project in OWB 
2. Add Status and Type columns to the view 
3. Create 2 tasks (named Phase1 and Task1 in this example) 
4. Change the Type value for Phase1 to 'Phase' 
5. Change the task Status of Task1 to 'Completed' 

Expected Results: The status of Phase1 changes to Completed since all the tasks below it are completed. 

Actual Results: The status of Phase1 remains as Not Started 


Component: PPMOWB


This issue was reviewed as DE42526 and determined this change in behavior is working as designed. This enables users to be able to explicitly set the status and any status change should not effect any other status on the WBS.

To update the Phase/Activity level tasks in OWB, manually update the task status or use % Complete Calculation Method of Duration that will automatically update the Phase/Activity statuses in OWB (depending on business use case).
  • Important: It's recommended to not change the % Complete Calculation Method for a project. It should be set at the beginning of the project and not changed.
For more details on the behavior with tasks based on the % Complete Calculation Method, see the following tech tip: 

CA PPM Tuesday Tip: How do the three % Complete Calculation Methods Work

Additional Information

Reference the % Complete Calculation Method section of Create Projects, Teams, and Tasks for further information on % Complete Calculation Methods