CA UIM Profiles not moving on cluster failover


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


During a cluster failover,profiles are removed from the cluster node that fails but the profiles for any probe do not get transferred to the functioning cluster resource.
The cluster probe GUI will display profiles but the probe configuration user interface does not display the profiles themselves.


The cluster probe default configuration will only transfers profiles for cluster groups with Online mode status. The profiles are not transferred for cluster groups with Partial Online status.

Error captured in the cluster probe log:

cluster: MapResourceGroups - (Alarm Check) Msg = Resource group '%ClusterGroupName%' is Partial Online


Cluster probe version 2.03+


Steps to enable profile transfers for cluster groups that are in Partial Online status:

1. Add allow_partial_online key to the cluster probe on each cluster node:
a. Open Raw-config of cluster probe and go to groups section 
b. Select the configured/suspect cluster group and set the "allow_partial_online" key to 1
c. Click the OK button to save changes.

2. Add the probe profiles again in their respective GUI on the active cluster node/resource.

3. Give the cluster probe a few minutes (about 5 min) so the configuration is synched between the nodes and then 
perform the failover to validate the results.