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Guid Fields are ignored during virtual service creation process via Swagger 2.0


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


During the VS creation process using Swagger 2.0  'uuid' fields are ignored which causes 'No stateless match found'.


'uuid' is not defined as part of the swagger spec and it is not implemented in DevTest.


DevTest 10.2


Support might have a patch for this issue. Please open a support case and refer DE368820.

Additional Information

If the Swagger doc has something like below for any call then request data is not created for 'uuid'

"SplitBetweenRelatedEntities": true, 
"Description": "string", 
"TransactionCode": 0, 
"RequestReference": "1234-23-432323", 
"SystemComponentId": 0 

"RequestReference": "1234-23-432323" is reference data and it shows the below in the document: 
"RequestReference": { 
"format": "uuid", 
"type": "string", 
"example": "1234-23-432323"