Issues with the Maintenance calendar in Service Operations Insight


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We are facing issues while suppressing server monitoring during our Migration activities. This involves relocation of server's from one data center to another, due to which the IP address of the server gets updated. We create a service adding all the servers involved in migration and applied a maintenance schedule to the service in SOI, this in turns puts the server in maintenance in CA Spectrum as well. During the relocation of the server's new models (Server with the new IP) appear in Spectrum being in normal state and reconcile to the same old entry of server in SOI, and changes back the server maintenance to production in SOI. We need to prevent the alerts impacting these server's during relocation. 


Component: SOIMGR


- One drastic solution is to shutdown the connector during the migration but this is not ideal because there are server's that'll not be migrated and you still need to see the alert for those server's.
- One ideal solution is to create an escalation policy and action to clear the alert, you can add an escalation schedule to the policy to synchronize it with the schedule of the migration. This'll clear the alerts for the server's that are reset to production because of IP change during migration.