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Resource Time Review by Manager report not displaying some resources


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The Resource Time Review by Manager report in Clarity Advanced Reporting is missing / omitting some resources even though the resources show correctly in other time reports. One resource who is not showing has time posted prior to the Load Data Warehouse job being run so the data is expected to display for this user. 

Another symptom you may see is that the report is showing time that has not been reported. Example: A resource had reported just 2 hours on Apr-29-2021 and the report is showing these hours and 1 hour for Apr-30-2021.

When this issue happens, you may see Data Warehouse (DWH) slices in Administration > Data Administration > Time Slices with blank Last Run Dates. 


Release: All Supported
Component: Reporting / Time Slicing


This can be due to a time slice issue


Check to make sure the Time Slicing job is completing successfully. If not, check the bg-ca.logs to see if the time slicing failure is related to Time Slicing job fails due to duplicate records being inserted

If the job is completing, reslice the DWH slices and then run the Load DWH job in full mode. Below are the steps on how to do this:

  1. Pause the Time Slicing job (and wait for any processing time slicing jobs to complete)
  2. Go to Administration -> System Options -> Data Warehouse Options
    • Clear out the field: 'Entity for Fiscal Periods' and click Save
    • Reset the 'Entity for Fiscal Periods field back to the previous Entity value and click Save again.
  3. Unpause the Time Slicing Job (Check the check box next to the Paused Time Slicing job and click 'Resume') and wait for the job to complete successfully.
    • If you go to Administration > Data Administration > Time Slices page, you will see that the DWH time slices "Last Run Date" have cleared out indicating they will now be reprocessed by the next Time Slicing job.
    • It may take longer for the Time Slicing job to complete the first time after the reslice.
  4. After the Time Slicing job instance completes, run the Load Data Warehouse (DWH) job in full mode. 

Additional Information

If the above doesn't help, check to make sure the prerequisites are met as referenced in the Resource Time Review by Manager documentation
Reference Resource Time Review by Manager report actuals show in the wrong day due to a defect fixed in CA PPM 15.3.