Issue when Knowledge Manager attempts to publish a particular Knowledge Tree Document


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Receiving a Delayed Server response when attempting to publish a particular Knowledge Tree Document.


The following fatal error is generated in the stdlog:

kt_daemon 66460 FATAL String.c 512 * STRING ERROR: String too big


Release: 17.x
Component: USPKT


The reason this occurs is that the system is attempting to send a message between the domsrvr and KT_Daemon that is more than 1MB, which is the threshold.

It may be possible to make a copy of the document by finding it in the KT tab, then right clicking on it and selecting copy - this would copy the document without the unused tree nodes. Then publish the copy and delete the original document.

However, if it is still not able to be published, the knowledge tree must be broken up so that it does not hit the 1MB threshold when attempting to publish.


Additional Information

If this recommendation does not have the desired effect, please open a case with Broadcom Support mentioning this defect DE53289