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Can we get the right-click menu back to copy passwords using the mouse only?


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


With PAM 2.8 the text box that came up when viewing a target account password from the access page had the right-click menu enabled and it was possible to use the mouse only to copy the password. But after the upgrade to PAM 3.1.1 this is no longer possible. There is no right-click context menu. The same problem had occurred with the PAM client in the past, but it got fixed for PAM 2.8.2, see the following item on page

00583033    DE244372    PAM Client user cannot copy passwords using right-click.

Can we get the right-click menu back in PAM 3.X so that we can copy passwords the same way it used to work with PAM 2.8?


All PAM 3.X releases are affected.


This is working as designed in the new PAM UI. A note was added in online documentation under "Release Information > Known Issues" to clarify that the 3.X UI has the context-sensitive menu disabled on purpose, see e.g. the following text on page

Context-Sensitive Menu Disabled 

The browser right-click context menu is disabled in the 3.x user interface. The navigation operations that are exposed by the context menu are not supported because they can put the web application into an invalid state. The new web application operates as a single HTML page with dynamic content that is generated at runtime.