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Safely deleting files from a CA Release Automation Agent install folder.


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


There might be times when you want to delete files from a CA Release Automation agent but aren't sure of which files can be deleted and how to delete them without causing problems. This article will touch on those two items.

Which files can I delete from my CA Release Automation installation folder and how can this be done safely?


CA Release Automation Agent v5.x and above.


Before following the steps below you should make sure that there are no active jobs running on the agent. The steps below should not be done while there are jobs running because it could disrupt the job and might cause the job to hang. See the "Additional Information" section on how to confirm if there are any jobs running on the agent. 

Once you have confirmed there are no active jobs running on your agent you can delete the files below by:
  1. Stop the agent.
  2. Delete the files/subfolders of the following:
    • <agentInstallDir>/files/*
    • <agentInstallDir>/files_cache/*
    • <agentInstallDir>/files_registry/*
    • <agentInstallDir>/files_temp/*
    • <agentInstallDir>/persistency/*
    • <agentInstallDir>/logs
  3. Start the agent


Additional Information

Are There Active Jobs Running On My Agent?
To check if there are any active jobs running on an agent open the JMX console on the agent machine (http://agenthostname:8282). Login: nolio/nolio
Click on the link for Deployer:info-deployerManager. Click on the "Invoke" button for the Operation named: allJobsList

If the allJobsList returns a blank page/result then there are no active jobs running.