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We saw following in the stdlog on restart of SDM:
07/02 17:27:28.85 sdm-server domsrvr:wsp 4928 ERROR domdict.c 1683 position (100) for trigger chg::z_post_val_category_modified is the same for trigger chg::z_site_sla_processing
07/02 17:27:28.86 sdm-server domsrvr:wsp 4928 ERROR domdict.c 1683 position (100) for trigger cr::z_post_val_category_modified is the same for trigger cr::z_site_sla_processing


The reason for this kind of error is the triggers have the same sequence number. In the example showed above, both triggers have the same sequence 
number 100


Service Desk/CMDB 12.9, 14.1 17.1 on Windows/Linux/Unix


To resolve, please follow these steps
--Identify which trigger you would like to run first and which one run later
--For the one that you would like run later, edit the mod file to move up the sequence number. For example, in the example above, you may want to move up
   the sequence number of z_site_sla_processing from 100 to 200, assuming there is no other trigger taking this sequence already. The mod file is located in
   SDM-root-dir\site\mods\majic, and it is wsp.mods if you use WSP for the custom trigger definition, or some other file with mod extension if you manually do
    the trigger definition. And to display the trigger list, you can run command
    bop_sinfo -t obj-name
    For example, "bop_sinfo -t chg"
--recycle SDM/CMDB