Empty BFOR and AFTR on STORE
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Empty BFOR and AFTR on STORE


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IDMS IDMS - Database


JREPORT 8 sometimes shows for a STORE verb (42) that both the BFOR and AFTR images are empty.

No record data or info on record ID in either BFOR or AFTR.


Release: All supported releases.


On a STORE operation (verb 42) the BFOR image is always empty. If the AFTR image is also empty, it means the STORE encountered a non-zero ERROR-STATUS that requires the DBMS to back out any changes made so far.

The STORE operation gets far enough to write the empty BFOR image, but in the process of checking for duplicates, connecting to automatic sets or finding space for the new record, encounters an error and simply backs out what was done so far and writes the empty AFTR image and returns the ERROR-STATUS to the program. 

Check the program in question to see what kind of non-zero ERROR-STATUS on the STORE it ignores and why. There may be valid reasons for ignoring certain ERROR-STATUS values but programs should always check ERROR-STATUS and have valid reasons for ignoring and not doing the ROLLBACK and ABORT at the time of the error.