CA MIM : MLA (MULTI LEVEL ALIAS) definition impact
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CA MIM : MLA (MULTI LEVEL ALIAS) definition impact


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM) MIM Data Sharing (MII) MIM Tape Sharing (MIA) MIM Message Sharing (MIC)


CA MIM for z/OS address spaces can communicate with one another through any one of several cross-system communication methods. A shared DASD file or a shared coupling facility structure can be used as a physical control file. Alternatively, CA MIM for z/OS private storage can be used as a virtual control file (VCF) buffer and be passed between systems using natively allocated CA MIM for z/OS CTC devices or XCF services.
CA MIM for z/OS does not support control files on the high portion of the
Extended Address Volume (EAV). If you use EAV, make sure you allocate data sets with EATTR=NO.

In a MIMPLEX scenario, if customers need to use IBM MLA (MULTI LEVEL ALIAS)  feature on their shared User Catalogs to define a multi-level-alias involving the CA MIM Control Files, will this activity be disruptive to CA MIM tasks while they are up and running?  Or do They need to stop and restart the product tasks in order to correctly implement the MLA activity on Control Files Alias?  


Component: MIM


The only time CA MIM goes thru catalog processing is when the Control Files are opened, which is only done at startup or if the MIM ALLOCATE command is entered.
So, should be no impact using MLA while the product is up and running.