Cannot add API to API Group in CA API Developer Portal


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CA API Developer Portal CA API Gateway


The API Group is already defined. The API Group has applications and organizations. When trying to add new API to the api group the error seen is 
"There was an error submitting the form, the changes were not saved."


The issue is associated with the presence of orphaned APIs in Portal. This can occur due to incorrectly deleting the APIs in Portal or  deleting the APIs in gateway.
Following error would be seen in catalina.out file

05/16 11:26:41.779 INFO (http-nio-37080-exec-3:) - [FormDefinition general] -- <Failures><Failure message="" name="GroupMembers" type="formfield" code="cms-groupmembers-validationURI"></Failure></Failures> 


CA API Developer Portal - 3.5 CR6


The issue can be resolved using this KB article( below). This explains how to delete the orphaned APIs.

Before adding the API to API Group do the following

1. restart the apiportal service.
2. Clear the browser cache.