Identifying the make and model of a PAM hardware appliance


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


In the event of a hardware error in my PAM Server Appliance I need to provide its make and model.
This document explains how to find out this information based on the hardware appliance serial number.

How can I know the make and model of my PAM appliance?


Any hardware appliance running any version of PAM server.


  • Obtain the sysinfo file. Check here how to do it: How can I create the sysinfo file in PAM 3.x?
  • Open it with a text editor and search for the string "Hardware Serial" without quotes.
  • If it ends with "-02", it means it is a Portwell Model 102P (X102P) system.
  • If it ends with "-06" or "-07", it means it is a Portwell Model 206P (X206P) system.   
  • If it ends with "-08", it means it is a Lanner Model 304L (X304L).

Additional Information

  • If you have physical appliances, only the Lanner 304L (X304L) appliance can be upgraded to 3.x. The older Portwell devices are NOT SUPPORTED for CA Privileged Access Manager 3.x.
  • Any attempts to upgrade these devices halt before anything is changed.

Also the new 404L Appliances now ship out with 64gb of memory, instead of 16gb.