Cobol compile warning message with NOLAXPERF specified.
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Cobol compile warning message with NOLAXPERF specified.


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Calendar Routines


Compiled program using the COBOL V6.2 compiler with RULES option turned on. It produced warning message which point out inefficient use of numeric data items in arithmetic operations. It also lists many PERFORM statements that don't go to the EXIT. 
The following message was present for several statements: 
**RULES(NOLAXPERF)** The receiving operand "CACHE-AREA-DEF-1 (GROUP)" in the "MOVE" statement was significantly longer than the sending operand "CACHE-AREA-TEMP (ALPHANUMERIC)". This will result in many padding bytes, which is inefficient if not intended. 


Release: TCCART00200-6.0-Calendar Routines


The Cobol option LAXPERF/NOLAXPERF is simply a performance tool provided by the IBM compiler. The return code of 4 is totally acceptable in your compile. 

Calendar Routines does not perform the function of "adding the padding" to the files. This is actually a Cobol function. 

Since Calendar Routines is not broken and the padding is added by the Cobol process there is no Calendar Routine problem. 

Recommend you use the LAXPERF option instead of the NOLAXPERF since it is the default.