Destination for Bundles
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Destination for Bundles


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The client wants to change the location to where reports are being printed, and they will be changing their reports to have a different Distribution ID and a new Destination. They want to do parallel testing with printing locally while also sending copies to the new vendor.  The reports are in bundles. 

Is there any way to get two copies of the existing bundle to be generated, one locally and one to go to the new destination?

Does the client need to create new bundles for the new destination?


Component: DLVR


New bundles will have to be created, to go to the new destination.
Reports may have multiple DISTID's, and each one will send output to a different destination or sysout class.
But, a bundle will go to the destination of the first DISTID in the first report, or to the BDIST defined to the bundle.
A second bundle will need to be defined to send the reports to another location.