TSSUTIL Report time order
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TSSUTIL Report time order


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


Release: 16 OS: z/os Recent changes to environment: No Production or Test: Test Description: Ran a tssutil report and its supposed to be in order by time and it was not. 


Component: TSSMVS


When Top Secret events are logged to the audit file, recovery file, CPF  
recovery file, etc, the system date and time will be used.
You might be able to tell by looking at where the events are in the  
report. The output of TSSUTIL will show the events in the order they 
occurred unless the audit file has wrapped. If the audit file        
has wrapped, the later events will be seen earlier in the output,    
however, there will be other events from earlier times between       
the latest events (after wrapping) and the prior duplicate events    
(before wrapping).