TDM Portal connected to DevTest Portal not showing multiple VSEs


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When the TDM Portal is connected to DevTest Instance/Portal that has multiple Virtual Service Environments (VSEs) only the default (named VSE) is visible, or selectable, when trying to Modeling -> Objects ->Export Data Select Update Virtual Service. The DevTest Portal has multiple VSEs running. 

When the TDM Portal sends the GET Request https://localhost:8443/TestDataManager/api/ca/v1/settings/devTestServer/VSEs, the response  contains all the VSEs configured and running, yet the TDM Portal only shows the default.

It looks like the TDM Portal expects multiple VSEs since there is a dropdown to enable the user to select. But the code does not properly iterate the array returned by the call GET https://localhost:8443/TestDataManager/api/ca/v1/settings/devTestServer/VSEs. 


Component: TDMWBP


This is a known defect (DE358680), which was addressed by patch build TDMWeb- However, this fix was never rolled into a GA release of TDM Portal. Sustaining Engineering has confirmed this issue will be addressed in TDM Portal release 4.6.