will adding devices to gc in spectrum cause duplicates?


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After setting up the integration with Spectrum, containers are populated under the Global Collections in Spectrum that represent the IP Domains in CAPC (Performance Center).
If you add models to these containers, they will be discovered in CAPC (Performance Center).

If we start defining the search criteria for the CAPM global collections in Spectrum to auto-discover into PC, would it cause duplicates against existing devices? We don't want to overload the environment


DX NetOps CAPM 3.x
DX NetOps Spectrum 10.2.x


If you add a device to a GC in spectrum that is already in CAPC from a different data source, we will not duplicate it.
Instead, we will reconcile the 2 elements into one with both sources data.

if the device doesn’t already exist, then the DA will discover it.

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