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SystemEDGE SRM AIM running duplicate tests


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CA Virtual Assurance CA Spectrum


We have configured 60 SPM tests in Spectrum, but the SystemEDGE host has over 1,000 tests defined in the file and many of them are duplicates.


  • Spectrum Any version
  • SystemEDGE 5.9
  • SystemEDGE Service Response AIM


  • The cause of the duplicate tests has not been determined at this time.


  • Perform a cleanup of the tests on the SystemEDGE host:

  1. Stop SystemEDGE.
  2. Navigate to the C:\Users\Public\CA\SystemEDGE\<port#>\plugins\svcrsp folder.
  3. Delete all instances of from this folder.
  4. Start SystemEDGE.

  • If the SPM tests in Spectrum are scheduled, the tests will be put back into the file the first time the test runs after the agent restart. 
  • If the SPM tests in Spectrum are not scheduled, the tests will need to be manually run from Spectrum before they are put into the file. 

Additional Information

  • The Destination ID value within the Spectrum Console under Locator > SPM > All Tests will match the Index Number for each test within the file on the agent.
  • The file is located under C:\Users\Public\CA\SystemEDGE\<port#>\plugins\svcrsp