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I will be upgrading to MICS 14.1 this month. While going through the product changes, I saw that ACT7291 changes the Billing Rate element to be accurate up to six digits to the right of the decimal point. I am wondering if I will need to adjust the current rates set for various comp codes. As an example, I have the billing rate set to .0028 in one the comp codes. Would the RCPRAT change cause this to be .000028? Or, will my four decimal digit billing rates be ok as is? Thanks.


Component: MICS


In the problem record associated with ACT7291 (PTF RO88283), there is no mention of the user having to make any changes, before or after applying the service. 

As documented in problem record MACT # 168: 

The rates are displayed with four decimal digits instead of six in the invoices. 
In the Financial Recap (ACTRCP) file, values of the Billing Rate (RCPRAT) element are truncated to four decimal digits. 

For example, if the RCPRAT value is supposed to be $0.000040, it will be $0.000000 in the ACTRCP file.