Create a SD package for applying and/or rolling back patches using WinOffline
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Create a SD package for applying and/or rolling back patches using WinOffline


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Creating a software package for applying and rolling back patches using WinOffline.


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The WinOffline utility can be used to apply and backout patches. Patches can be applied/rolled back from remote machines using a WinOffline package.

Software Package for Applying a fix using WinOffline

1.     Copy WinOffline.exe file and the Testfix (.caz file) to a temp folder. 

Note: You do not need to unzip the .caz file. WinOffline.exe unzips the .caz file.

2.    In the DSM Explorer, navigate to Software Library->All Software. Right-click and select New->Software and give the desired name and version information.

      Ex: T5SM135 RC Patch 1.0

3.    Expand the newly created package in the left pane under All Software

4.    Right-click and select 'Source' -> 'New Volume' -> 'From Directory'.       

5.    Give a name to the volume and click on the 'Browse' button. Navigate to the temp folder which contains WinOffline.exe and the .caz file(s). Click 'Choose' and OK.

6.   Expand the Source->Package Name->Folder Name. Drag and drop WinOffline.exe from the right pane to the "Procedures" tree item in the left pane.

7.   Right-click the procedure and select properties. Give the desired name to the procedure and make sure that the Task is set to 'Install' and the 'Default selected procedures for  jobs' option is checked.

8.   Right-click the package and select "Seal" to seal the package.

9.    Deploy the package to the desired computer/group on which the fix has to be applied.


Software Package to Rollback a fix using WinOffline

1.    Navigate to the WinOffline Software package created earlier.

2.    Expand Procedures. Right-click the procedure created earlier and select 'New Based On'. 

3.    Give the desired name to the Procedure. Change the procedure task to 'Uninstall'.


4.    Under the 'Embedded File' tab specify the parameter "-backout <patchname>" parameter and click OK.

      Ex: -backout T5SM135

Additional Information

Note1: The WinOffline log is written in the ..\CA\DSM folder on the target.

Note2: During WinOffline software deployments, you'll notice the job status message 'Job execution interrupted by rerun request. Execution will resume the next time the agent connects.' This is normal as WinOffline informs Software Delivery that it will be shutting down CAF.