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MSP: 'Actual Finish Date is Before some of the Previously Entered Timephased Actual Work values'


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When opening certain projects from Clarity to Microsoft Project (MSP) receive the following error message:"

The actual finish date is before some of the previously entered timephased actual work values. If you continue with this operation, Project will truncate some of the previously entered timephased actual work values."

Additionally, some task actuals are being deleted and the finish date is pushed in.


CA PPM MSP New Driver


This can happen if actuals are still being tracked on a completed task. MSP will retain the Actual Finish Date when the task was closed in the XML, so this will cause the actual work to be dropped and task finish date to be pushed out. Best practice is a task should be opened if time is still being tracked on it, since the task would then not yet be finished. 


Solution 1: If the task is now completed, to fix the issue with actuals/finish date in MSP:

  • Option 1 -  Change the Actual Finish date of the task(s) in MSP, then save the project back to Clarity PPM. When the project is reopened in MSP, the actuals and dates should now be correct.
  • Option 2 - Reopen the task temporarily (in Clarity, update the task status to Open, and change % Complete to something lower then 100%, in MSP, change the % complete to something lower then 100%, then mark the % Complete 100 for the task and save back to Clarity ) 

        (This option should be used if the task will continue to have time posted, then the task can be closed once time is no longer being entered on the task)

Solution 2: If the above doesn't help, check to make sure you are on the latest Microsoft Project update supported with Clarity as there has been an issue fixed in one the later updates that can cause this. See Microsoft Project monthly patches impact with Clarity for information on Clarity supported Microsoft Project updates.

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