CA Dispatch - Various problems appending an additional LDS file


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It's important to understand that execution of the CA Dispatch provided CADDUTIL utility jobs DDEXLDSA or DDEXLDSI, which are used to allocate and initialize NEW and APPENDED LDS files via the INIT function, also update the "INTERNAL ROOT LDS TABLE" with the new LDS files NAME and SIZE.

Because of this, after successfully executing a CADDUTIL utility job to perform an INIT function, you can NOT rename, delete, or change the size of a successfully appended LDS file once the "INTERNAL ROOT LDS TABLE" has been updated.

The purpose of this knowledge article is to document what happened to a CA Dispatch customer after successfully executing the CADDUTIL utility INIT function, and then deleting the resulting LDS file because they wanted to change it's size.

Problem scenario:

* We brought CA Dispatch and the CADDSPLx environment down, but neglected to take a BACKUP of the CADDSPLx environments LDS files prior to attempting to appending an additional LDS file.

A. We successfully ran the CADDUTIL utility INIT function to create a new "APPEND12" LDS file but the size that was allocated was not what we really wanted, so we DELETED the initial "APPEND12" file from DASD.

B. We then tried running another CADDUTIL utility job to INIT the same "APPEND12" file with a different size, but the job failed with the following error:   

  CADD661E UTIL Append LDS APPEND12 already connected to the Root LDS

C. Because of the above error, we then tried running another CADDUTIL utility job using the DELETE function in an attempt to delete the "APPEND12" file out of the INTERNAL ROOT LDS TABLE, but this job failed with the following error: 

  CADD616E UTIL Logical Error on Get for APPEND12 (FDBK=89080074)

D. We then tried allocating another "APPEND12" LDS file outside of CA Dispatch (using just IDCAMS JCL and not the CADDUTIL utilty) so that there would be an "APPEND12" file out on DASD to match the name already appended into the INTERNAL ROOT LDS TABLE, but when we tried starting the CADDSPLx environment, we received the following errors:

  CADD173E - Unformatted Append LDS "APPEND12" 
  CADD071E - Unable to perform DIV Access 
  CADD060I - Return Code: 00000012 Reason Code: 10544793

* We are now unable to restart the CADDSPLx environment because of the above errors.




Ideally, the appropriate resolution to this problem scenario would have been for the customer to RESTORE their CADDSPLx LDS environment in it's entirety, from a backup that was taken just prior to the attempted APPEND. CA always recommends taking backups of the CADDSPLx and CA Dispatch environments prior to attempting to make any changes of this nature, especially in a PRODUCTION environment. 

However, given the problem scenario and taking into account that the "APPEND12" LDS file had not actually had any report data written to it, the customer was able to resolve the problem(s) by executing the following process:

1. Delete any "APPEND12" files that currently remain out on DASD. 

2. Run IDCAMS JCL job (NOT CADDUTIL utilty) outside of CA Dispatch to reallocate the "APPEND12" file with the EXACT SAME SIZE and attributes as the "original" APPEND12 file from item (A) of the problem scenario.
Note -  DO NOT specify the size from item (B) of the problem scenario. The INTERNAL ROOT LDS TABLE entry for "APPEND12" believes the size for this file to be the size resulting from the original successful execution of the CADDUTIL utilities INIT function. 

3. Run the CA Dispatch provided CADDUTIL utilty with the INIT function to allocate and initialize a new "APPEND13" file with the EXACT SAME SIZE and attributes as the original APPEND12 file from item (A) of the problem scenario. 

4. Then, using standard IDCAMS, either setup and run a job or manually "REPRO" the initialized "APPEND13" file into the un-initialized APPEND12 file from item 2 above. This will add the required initialization seed record into the "APPEND12" LDS file. The initialization seed record is not specific to the NAME of an LDS file.

The result:

After performing the above process, the CADDSPLx environment will restart successfully, and will now recognize BOTH the new APPEND12 and APPEND13 LDS files.