uxstpjob returns "Object not found error" for the last Entry of the Queue


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


1. Submit a Job via uxsubjob to a queue:
$UXDQM/uxsubjob queue=afr cmd=script.ksh log=tete

2. Find out the entry of this execution and cancel it via uxstpjob / UVC:
$UXDQM/uxstpjob entry=lastentry

3. The command will return the following error, but the entry will be removed from DQM and the script canceled:
Object not found error

This will only occur for the last entry of the Batch Queue.


The loop checking current jobs of a DQM queue had an incorrect behaviour when the job to cancel was the last one in the list.
We now make sure that no error is displayed if no more elements are found.


Unix and Linux only


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.
Fix version(s): 
Component: Application.Server
Dollar Universe 6.9.21 - Available