Domsrvr connection lost


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Domsrvr connection lost.  And end users can't use the web interface to work their tickets
The stdlog has something like
07/02 04:38:46.46 sdm-server domsrvr               452 FATAL        init.c                 363 Operator ::new cannot allocate 65536 bytes
07/02 04:38:46.60 sdm-server bpnotify_nxd         4776 ERROR        bpnotify.c            1475 Domsrvr connection lost
07/02 04:38:46.60 sdm-server bpeid_nxd            5840 ERROR        bpebr_main.c          1550 EBR::EID::Domsrvr connection lost


it was the resource issue...sdm couldn't locate memory for domsrvr 


Service Desk/CMDB 12.9, 14.1, 17.1 on Windows/Linux/Unix


Would need to investigate the memory usage
__What causes the memory peak. Check messages before the fatal memory allocation error.
 __If domsrvr has a memory leak. Check to see if domsrvr memory keeps going up and up and this is true would need to investigate what causes the leak.
__If need to add more resource. For example, add 16G memory.