Documentation for setting up DB2 database for Report Server
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Documentation for setting up DB2 database for Report Server


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ESP Workload Automation


Due to audit reasons non-DBAs cannot create DB2 objects or get temporary authorization. So they're asking for the full DCL & DDL statements with all the create tablespace/table/index/database/stogroup/etc. statements. 


Component: ESPWA


1. DBAs set up a tablespace for specific use for the report table. second. The tablespace is just the generic area in DB2 that the database would reside
2. I would program all the port/location/etc. information into the Parmlib member for the report server
3. Once the STC is set up and run, the report server itself would dynamically create the specific tables in the table space by using the values in CYBRSS04 and CYBRSS05 with the RServerDbUser ID we use.
4. The report server populates those tables with the history file information. 
5.Set RServerDbUser to a specific person on the DBA team. Boot up the Report Server and have it run initially to create the tables. Change the RServerDbUser to another ID with just update/insert/delete/select access (no create access) Recycle the report server and have it run with the new ID.