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How to configure an URL scan monitor ?


Release: AUTYLA99000-1.0-Automic Sysload-ELA


The task consists in testing a URL, and either returning a response time or http code, or analyzing the content of the response sent by the URL (by searching for a character string in the content of the returned page). Depending on the type, the result may be the response time in seconds (or 99999 if the server failed to reply within the timeout), an http response code (e.g. 200, 404, 500, etc.), or else either 1 if the search string was found or 0 if it was not.

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  • URL: http address that must be tested.
  • Basic Authentication Data: this parameter can be used to insert a pair of identifiers in the form login:password, if necessary (if a directory is protected by a basic authentication system).
  • Follow Redirections: enables the task to continue its analysis even if the tested URL is subject to a redirection instruction.
  • Check Type: this radio button is used to specify the type of analysis: Response Time measurement, evaluation of the HTTP code returned, or an analysis of the html code returned (String Search).
  • String to Search For: character string to find in the HTML code returned by the URL
  • Search with Regular Expression: enable this option to use a regular expression.
  • Search is Case Insensitive: renders the search non case-sensitive.
  • Message Format (optional).
  • Message Format on Error (optional).
  • Event Source (optional).
  • Trace: this option adds task execution-related messages to facilitate debugging.

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