CADD668E running CADDUTIL to append an LDS file
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CADD668E running CADDUTIL to append an LDS file


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


You receive a "CADD668E UTIL Size of LDS cannot exceed 2 gigabytes" error when running the CA Dispatch DDEXLDSA or DDEXLDSI job to allocate and initialize a new appended LDS file.

The error is being received even though your SPACE allocation for the define cluster statements in the JCL specify the number of CYLs as PRIMARY space with no extents (Example: CYL ( 2000 , 0 ). And, the amount of space that you have specified  is LESS than the 2gig maximum size (about 2900 CYLs on a 3390) for any one LDS file.  

What causes this CADD668E error and how can it be avoided?




The CADD668E message, as documented on Product Documentation Change (PDC) #RI20042 is as follows:

CADD668E UTIL Size of LDS cannot exceed 2 gigabytes                     
While formatting an LDS, the utility has detected that it is larger than 2 gigabytes. CADDSPL imposes a 2 gigabyte limit per LDS.                
Rerun the CADDUTIL job, using a smaller size in the IDCAMS allocation. If the IDCAMS allocation is under 2gig, check to see if your site uses a software package or storage class that is allowing the original allocation to be extended.

The only known cause for this error to be received under the above circumstances is that regardless of your JCL specification, the system is allocating the LDS file into multiple secondary EXTENTS which causes the allocated file to in fact, exceed the 2 gig maximum size limit.

We have seen this problem occur at sites using OEM applications (like MAINVIEW SRM STOPX37) that automatically added secondary space allocation. If you use these types of products, you would want to disable them for execution of the DDEXLDSA and DDEXLDSI jobs.

We have also see this occur at sites that have SMS picking up on the allocation and adding secondary space. You may need to allocate the LDS file on a different pack or use a different SMS STORAGE or DATA class.

Since the problem can not be resolved by making modifications to the SPACE parameters within the DDEXLDSA and DDEXLDSI jobs JCL, if you are unable to determine why the system is allocating the LDS file into secondary extents, you should contact your sites Storage Management personnel and have then provide you with the appropriate resolution.