Unable to open initial directory of the remote agent in Harvest Workbench


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


In Workbench, I created an agent connection to a remote Linux computer.  Most all of the folders on the agent connection will open with no problems, but with one of the folders I am receiving the following message:
"An error occurred. See error log for more details. Comparison method violates its general contract!"


CA Harvest SCM 12.x and up
Windows client machine


Make sure the below option is added after -vmargs params, better add it to the end. Edit your %CA_SCM_HOME%\workbench.ini file and make sure this line has been added in as the last line of the file:


Generally the arguments passed after -vmargs only will be considered for processing. I suspect that this option was added before -vmargs and hence the problem.