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Data Collector stop collecting IPSLA metrics when sysUpTime roll over on a device


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


A problem can be seen, where manual stop and start polling on a device is needed because the RTT Jitter Tests configured on the router shows no data anymore, and CA Performance Management stops collecting IPSLA metrics data. 
Sometimes this may appear to happen after a reload/restart of the affected device, but further investigation and troubleshooting showed this is caused by sysUpTime metric value wrapping. 


There are two major issues that cause this behavior.
1) The sysUpTime rollover detection didn’t work fine once hit 2^31 sysUpTime values, because CA Performance Management is using an SNMP4j OID class that was wrongly evaluating sysUpTime. This has now been fixed and changed to use ObjectID class instead, which handles it appropriately. 
2) Even if CA Performance Management did detect the rollover correctly, there were still some flaws in the dynamic index detection logic which caused the agent may still be using the same entry until the IPSLA agent created a new entry with lesser sysUpTime values. 


CA Performance Management 3.x


This problem is now resolved in CA Performance Management 3.6.0, and in release 3.5.0 with the installation of the June monthly update kit or later: 
Symptom: The Data Collector would stop collection IPSLA metrics once sysUpTime rolled over on a device. 
Resolution: Refactored dynamic index discovery logic to correctly handle sysUpTime rollover and continue collecting metrics.
(3.5.0_June_Update, DE364949)